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Welcome to The Late Crew Website

This is the official website for The Late Crew, a middle-grade book (perfect for 8-12 year olds) about young carers investigating aliens! Scroll down for where to buy the book, and how to subscribe to our email list to stay updated on The Late Crew.

Tyler Harper cares a lot.

He helps care for his mum, who gets very very tired, and his little brother, who needs to follow a specific routine.

He cares so much that he gets caught being late (again) by "The One Who Doesn't Understand".

In detention something out of this world happens... an alien gives him its egg!

The only question is, can Tyler care for it too?

How to buy the book

You can buy The Late Crew hereWe offer special discounts to schools, carers charities or families containing young carers who would like copies of the book - if you don't already have a discount code, just get in touch.

Stay updated on alien activity!

Did you know The Late Crew is the first in a series, with each book focusing on a different young carer? And with aliens aplenty? Just enter your email address below to be updated on the series and when the next book is coming out.

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