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Meet The Late Crew

Tyler is 11 years old. He helps his mum with her chronic fatigue, and his autistic younger brother Levi with his daily routines. He's so busy helping others, that sometimes he struggles to do things for himself - including getting to school on time! Which leads to a detention, where Tyler meets the rest of The Late Crew... and an out of this world vistor. 

Levi is Tyler's younger brother. He's 9, and loves space more than anything else in the world. He finds loud sounds difficult sometimes, and has a pair of ear defenders with galaxies on them that he takes everywhere. All of Levi's knowledge of space comes in very handy... especially when meeting someone who's from there!

Grace, Alisha, and Jayden are in Tyler's year at school. Grace always knows the answer in class, Alisha is the queen of sarcasm and quips, and Jayden is the tough one. It turns out they all have a similar reason for being late, and being in detention, as Tyler does. He's not the only one who has caring responsibilities at home - and those responsibilities prepare them perfectly for a task they could never have expected... 


... taking care of an alien egg!

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