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Here's the blurb of both books!

The Late Crew: pre-order here for delivery Summer 2024

Tyler Harper cares a lot.

He helps care for his mum, who gets very very tired, and his little brother, who needs to follow a specific routine.

He cares so much that he gets caught being late (again) by "The One Who Doesn't Understand".

In detention something out of this world happens... an alien gives him its egg!

The only question is, can Tyler care for it too?

The Late Crew and the Copy Cat Creature: pre-order here for delivery Summer 2024

Then something even stranger happened. As they reached the top of the stairs, she heard a meow from the kitchen. Wait, what!? she thought. There’s already a cat inside?

Out from the kitchen trotted… Hugo?? There were two Hugos!

The two identical cats froze as they spotted each other. Their fur stood on end, and their tails went big and puffy. They were exactly the same, as if Hugo was looking at himself in the mirror…

The Late Crew return in this thrilling sequel, with Alisha taking centre stage, joined by her cat Hugo – and another copy of her cat, Hugo? Something odd is definitely going on. 


Alisha's going to try her best to get to the bottom of it, if she can find the time between helping her Mum with her "Letters", and trying to make sure she doesn't fall asleep in school!

You can also pre-order book both books together as a bundle!

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