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Image by César Viteri
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The Landfill Mountains

Storytelling. Is. Magic.

Joe and his family survive by scavenging from mountains of landfill, in a world ravaged by climate change. 


When characters from his grandfather's folk tales begin to appear in real life, Joe must learn the magic of storytelling - or lose his home.

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The Late Crew

This is the weirdest day of Tyler's life. And it's about to get weirder.

Tyler is a young carer, who helps support his mum who has M.E. and his little brother who has autism.

His life changes when he discovers an alien egg. The problem is a creature called the Slime has take over their headteacher, and it wants the egg too... 

Click here to order The Late Crew from Onwe Press

The Dancer 

the dancer.jpg

Penelope D'Silva is being outsold... by herself.

In this thrilling sci-fi short, a dancer is pitted against new technology that can perfectly mimic live performance. She puts her body at risk as she pushes herself to the limit to prove that there is a difference but the real and the recorded.

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"This short is an episode of Black Mirror waiting to happen...a compelling and fascinating (not to mention frightening) story." - Raging Biblioholism 

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